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Our farmhouse story started in 2021 when we moved back from the big city of Ghent to our roots, the seaside. After our little family started growing with our 2 sons, Wolf and Idris, we wanted to head back to base and find our forever home there.


Once settled, 3 little kittens joined our troops and now we're a family of 7, ready to welcome you into our home! 

our home

Our home was built before 1777 by an aristochratic family 'de Mishaeghen' from Brasschaat who had several farmhouses in their ownership. Even now, you can still read the original name 'Mishaeghenhof' on one of the barns.

In 2000, the former owner bought the farmhouse and transformed it into a cosy holiday home for his family. 

And now in 2021, the story continues as a bed & breakfast, 'Les Jardins de Jeanne'.

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